romero, mercè

Mercè works at the Universitat de Barcelona, Spain. Her activity in Gaia is devoted mainly to the scientific application of Gaia data, creating models of the structure and kinematics of the Galaxy. Particularly in the Galactic bar and spiral arms. The models are necessary to be ready to interpret and handle the data Gaia will provide.
Mercè is also involved in the Validation Working group of the CU9-DPAC coordination unit.

Mercè also participates in outreach activities giving conferences to general public and she has also participated in the “Joves i Ciencia” program of Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera.

Apart from work, she enjoys walking in nature and riding the bicycle.

the barcelona team

Gaia UB team

The experience of our group at the Universitat de Barcelona (IEECICCUB) in the space sector dates from Hipparcos satellite (1989 – 1993) and has contributed from its very beginning to the concept of the Gaia mission and its design. Our team is providing important contributions to simulations, core and photometric processing and in the preparation of the data archive of the mission. It comprises 30 people between scientists and engineers, from developing big data management software to scientific testing and validation, and preparing for the scientific exploitation of the data of the mission . The Barcelona Data Processing Center also led by our team coordinates the running of the heaviest part of the operational data reduction system at the Marenostrum (Barcelona Supercomputing Center BSC-CNS) and CSUC

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